Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Great Luggage for Business travel

https://ful.com/ available at Walmart

I have done my share of traveling. I like convenience and  being able to fit everything.  I love the One concept Fir luggage. It has a hard outer shell - great if you have baggage checker tossing your luggage on a plane.  Lots of compartments in these babies. My favorite is the easy pull up handle that works wonderful for strolling through long airports or hotels and motels. These are also great for gift giving and for those who are in direct sales or business who tote all your beauty supplies, cookware etc.. from home to home. Affordable and beautiful! 

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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Choose a career as a Veterinarian Tech

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Have you ever wanted a career as a Veterinarian Tech but didn't know where to start? Today's post should get you started in your career. Vet Tech's are the nurses of the medical field for animals. The average pay is approx $30,000. You will need to do your homework to make sure you are paid well for this field by checking out sites like salary.com as the pay can be all over the place. Getting into vet school can be difficult as there are more students than schools. Some people go to a tech school and there are some that enter this field without a degree. The key is to do your homework!  If you want to be accepted at a college you will need to start preparing actually in high school with animal experience. You may have this from a farm, or volunteer to work at a vet. Check with the school you are looking into for the point requirements. You will also want to find a vet that is willing to help you learn even after school so that you can progress in your skills. Some vet assistants do many of the important jobs such as patient check in shots, etc.. You really do have to keep a eye on your career from finding a vet to help you to making sure you are paid what you are worth. It is a wonderful rewarding career for those that love to help animals. If you are a homeschooler you may even be able to use this as part of your school credit and start early in your college education. Stay tuned for more posts on various careers and helps to get you growing in your business know how. Please feel free to forward this article to a friend that may have a question about this field. 

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Don't just do your kitchen.. Get a Kitchen that is both beautiful and Functional! #SYRACUSE #ROCHESTER

Hey guys you know I like to keep those of you who are local to me in the Upstate NY area of great things I find.. I wanted to share with you about
Limitless Surface Solutions You have to check out their page for yourself

Image may contain: indoor

I personally have known the owner of this business for a few years in a business capacity and found him to be professional and just look - at his work - GORGEOUS! Bill and Rhonda are a husband and wife team who work together with their crew to give you the kitchen of your dreams. Bill showed Clay and I his work and it is breathtaking. Rhonda works right along with her husband and adds that little extra from a woman's point of view!  Get a quote for your kitchen and make your kitchen something beautiful and functional. If you are a business owner.. get a professional look for your company to bring in more sales for your business! This review was done without pay and as a personal endorsement of fine workmanship in the Upstate NY area.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Check out the Pople Show on Tumblr


Morning all - This morning I am posting over here on tumblr - “PopleShow” blog :) Love the cat? My cat Blue is a Russian Blue - She is super friendly as Russian Blue’s are and are pretty much 1/2 dog one of the reasons these sweet fur babies are sought out by so many.

This morning we have a few things to talk about.. starting with Twitter
Social Media..
Twitter is the prime choice of marketers we have 65,000 followers there http://www.twitter.com/R47R I would have more.. but I took a few years off due to my divorce and remarriage in 2010-2012 Not to mention I was breaking a few ties from the celebrity gigs as I was moving to the country and even though I have many of my celebrity friends I was breaking off some of my work with celebrity types and wanted to EXPAND into a larger audience and a new direction. Not to say that I still wouldn’t work in that sphere it is just that I feel that I am pretty picky about who I want to work with.. snobbish .. well, on a professional level I have to keep my moral compass where I need it. Okay, with that.. so why is twitter the choice of those in the know? Because one tweet generates so many responses with no restrictions.. have to be a friend, yadda yadda.. just saying. Once I got a letter from a pr company begging me to send in a compliant of Twitter being chosen over Facebook for marketers. I just ignored it, as Twitter should be the choice as you get so much more visibility. 

Now onto ... Travel.. Yellow Stone National Park is the first National Park declared in the world and the USA. The Indians years ago used to fear this land of smoke and hot springs. I asked the question around social media and found that the spot is breathtaking. The only thing is make sure you, you watch out for bears and obey the rules as there are Bison that will block your way in traffic - One person had half their buttock attacked from one. Also - People have been boiled alive in the hot Springs . It pays to follow the rules!

Branch our dog which I found out is a “DESIGNER DOG” - He’s a Toy fox terrier and begal mix. We used to call such species a mutt.. but  I guess the name is Toy Fox Beagle go figure... It cracks me up at times to think people are buying these mutts.. but then again .. they are so cute and I guess all the breeds at one point were most likely mutts :) Branch came to us from my son.

Clay built me a shelf for my african violets the base came from the bin wharehouse I have the review up on my blog now but will be posting it up on my blog soon. I love it! I also got a few more violets for my collection - these too are posted on youtube http://www.youtube.com/PopleBackyardFarm

Meet my Bombay Cat! “Shadow” - This kitty came to me from my neice. I am so excited that this cat has orange eyes. I just love them. These babies look like mini panthers. 

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Can you believe it? Bees are still out on nice days.. and even in the winter they come out of their hives for what is called a “cleansing” - Basically they are cleaning the hives. 

I always crochet, knit, etc.. usually everyday I block out some time to do that.. and last night I took a sweater that was shorter than I wanted and just did some crochet work on it to make it look longer. I used cotton yarn. Just a note if use cotton it does shrink over time as if you make a say twin blanket out of cotton within a few washes you will have a awesome “baby blanket: I will post a pic on instragram http://www.instragram.com/RuthieandClayPople so you guys can see it. 

Time for my second breakfast since I get up at 3 am and I will be eating a Kickass beef stick (the review is up on http://www.popleBackyardfarm.blogspot.com and then I will take a nap.zzz as I think I will watch a freebie movie on youtube (I post my freebies and sweepstakes up at http://www.facebook.com/RuthieandClayPople

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